2016 Summer Course: Marine Field Ecology

2016 Summer Course: Marine Field Ecology (Cr.3).

Florida Keys 7/1-7/31 Time by arrangement; trip to Florida (tentative: 7/6-7/16)

Instructor: Dr. Alejandro Vagelli

Email: avagelli@camden.rutgers.edu; Tel: 856-361-1026

Pre-requisite: Ecology, Marine biology, or by permission of instructor.

Off campus course held in Florida Keys.
This is an intensive field 10-days summer session course which will be held at Sugarloaf, and Cudjoe Keys, FL. This course aims to train and prepare students for marine field ecology work, and will provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in marine biology research. The fieldwork will focus on ecological, taxonomic, and conservation aspects of main communities such as seagrass beds, mangrove forests, and coral reefs. Students will become familiar with field methods for ecological and conservation studies, including sampling techniques and census work. Students will design and conduct field observations and experiments aimed to answer questions concerning specific topics, which include trophic structure, reproductive strategies, recruitment, fish behavior, coevolutionary relationships, energy cycling, and detrimental impacts due to human activities.
Daily activities will extend into the evenings with laboratory sessions and discussions. Potential field trips include: Looe Key Marine Sanctuary and Mote Marine Lab.

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