Summer 2016: Marine Field Ecology

Join us this year for our third annual trip to the Florida Keys in July to conduct marine field work! We will be in the water nearly the entire time besides eating and sleeping. Most of our work will consist of snorkeling, but we will also scuba dive in the Looe Key Marine Sanctuary on two separate days (four dives total).

This class is listed as a graduate course, but undergraduates are more than welcome to join us! Also, this course can be used to fill a biology elective!

You do NOT have to be scuba certified to go on this trip! If you are not certified when we go to Looe Key Marine Sanctuary, you will be able to snorkel while others dive. However if you would like to get certified prior to the trip, contact Jim Kupper at Ocean Spirit Aquatics. Please, let Jim know that you were referred to him by Dr. Vagelli or Denise Hassinger and that it is for the summer course.


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