Thank you for taking the time to look at our blog for Marine Field Ecology & Advanced Marine Field Ecology. The 2018 students were: Afaf, Amrinder, Andrea, Andrew, Bianca, Jesse, JT, Kenny, Ryan, Sabria, and Sean. Their student perspectives will be available soon for everyone to read! In the meantime, check out what previous students … Continue reading Welcome!

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Join us next year!

Carmella Schwab made a video for everyone to enjoy! Thank you Carmella! If you are interested in our course, please contact us right away! avagelli@aquaticsciences.org If you have taken our course already, you can still join us again for more credits next year!

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Bahia Honda Key

Today was the first day of class, and we traveled to Bahia Honda State Park. A storm was rolling in along with the high tide, which made a really strong current that was difficult to deal with. However, everyone stayed in high spirits and later in the day the weather cleared and the waters calmed.

Summer 2017: Marine Field Ecology & Advanced Marine Field Ecology

Join us this year for our fourth annual trip to the Florida Keys this July to conduct marine field work! We will be in the water nearly the entire time besides eating and sleeping. Most of our work will consist of snorkeling, but we will also scuba dive in the Looe Key Marine Sanctuary on … Continue reading Summer 2017: Marine Field Ecology & Advanced Marine Field Ecology

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National Geographic Article

Our very own Dr. Alejandro Vagelli was featured in a National Geographic article by Adam Cruise regarding the current state of the Banggai cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) which is highly endangered and endemic to Indonesia (there are a few invasive populations in other tropical areas due to humans putting them there). The fate of the Banggai cardinalfish it … Continue reading National Geographic Article


This year we decided to stay at the Venture Out Resort in Cudjoe Key, which is a gated community. We rented three houses and received better accommodations while saving money than at the KOA campground. We are hoping in the future to keep this as our lodging location.

Traveling Across the USA for Marine Science

This year's batch of students are mainly undergraduates with the exception of two graduates. One in particular, Hali Rederer, traveled across the country to take our course after reading about our previous trips from this blog! She is a graduate student from California and currently attends California State University, Sacramento where she is studying the relationship between Pacific herrings … Continue reading Traveling Across the USA for Marine Science