IMG_2726Listen, if you are on this site because you are on the fence about taking this course I am going to save you some time. You should. The other student essays have explained what this trip is about and what it entails more eloquently than I ever could. Really what I have to say is pretty simple. No matter what your major is and no matter what your aspirations are later in life, there is real value in taking this class. Not only are you able to get a firsthand look at many of the animals that inhabit the Florida Keys, you are also able to gain an actual perspective on what it means to work in the field as a biologist.

The main draw of the class is the Professor and his supporting cast. They are all very capable and the Doctor himself is a treasure trove of marine knowledge. While for reasons already mentioned I will not explain what exactly you will be doing on the trip, but I will say that you will be spending the majority of your time in the water observing the various fauna and flora that inhabit the area. The only other way you are going to get this experience is if you go down to the Keys yourself and pay some tour guide to take you out, and I guarantee they will not know a fraction of a percent of what Dr. Vagelli does. Most of the lectures are done on the fly and are based on whatever the Doctor can get his hands on. This year we had everything from nurse sharks to an octopus. Adding to this is his assistant instructor, Denise, who has the knowledge of 6-8 tour guides herself. Basically, the point I am trying to prove is that you will be in the presence of experts who are at the forefront at the field of marine biology. It is amazing how much they know about these animals, and the fact that you have the opportunity to learn from them is nothing short of incredible.

If you are still reading this I hope by this point you have already signed up for the course. It is very rare to find a class where you both learn something and have a great time, so I am not exaggerating when I say this class is a golden opportunity. Just take the class and thank me later.